Attracting a Guardian Angel into Your Home

As we come into this vibration now, I, Albion, come so that we might share some thoughts with yourselves…thoughts that concern a spiritual practice that can be quite useful in these times you are passing through. There are many things that the general Light Seeker would not be aware of as a spiritual practice for many practices have been lost for a very long time, and thus absent from the rostrum that is generally accepted as spiritual endeavors. These words we have to share at this time concerns one of those lost practices.

We are sure that you are all aware of the Angelic Kingdom to one degree or another. But we wish to bring up some thoughts that concern this kingdom. First, there are many different kinds of angels. Like humans, angels have their own bodies or forms, their own mind, their own feelings and emotions, and spiritual capacity. There are angels that work with minerals, plants, animals, and those that work with human beings. An angel that works with a specific lifeform does so for two purposes. Let us take the angels that work with animals. Also, angels are interested in perpetuating their own kind. As long as the kind of work the various angels do is needed and necessary, their work and their “species” will continue to exist. It is only when their work is no longer needed, no matter what sort of angel it might be, that they will cease to be.

With angels that work with humans, there are those that are healing angels, angels who seek to work with humans who are ill, no only with physical illnesses, as well as those that work with emotional and mental illnesses, and even spiritual illnesses. There are also the “birthing angels”, those that work with women who are about to give birth. These angels enter into the womb and attach itself to the fetus. They will stay with the fetus throughout the actual birth process. When that process is completed, after 24 hours or so, the birthing angel will move aside, so to speak, the Guardian Angel will then come into the aura of the newborn. There are also the “death angels” that attach themselves to the auric field of those humans who are dying. We want to make it clear that the death process requires but a few hours or moments prior to the actual transition. Rather, the death process can begin up to two years prior to the physical transition. As a rule, however, the average death process takes place during a period of about 2-3 weeks. Thus, the death angel serves as a “companion” and a “soother” to the person who is being released from his or her physical body and the physical world. It is interesting that most individuals, especially those who have been ill for a long period of time, have little fear or difficulty releasing themselves from their physical bodies. But we would say that the majority of people going through the dying process do have difficulty letting go of the physical world. When you think about it, this makes logical sense in that even though many believe in past lives and thus in rebirth, those lives and experiences are for the most part unconscious. So, when a child is born into the physical world, it is the only world and existence it can remember. And so, as we said, it can be far more difficult to let go of the physical world than it is to let go of the physical body. When there is an occasion where this reluctance to let go of the physical world, the death angel will continue to serve as a “companion”, even if the person becomes “earthbound”, until that soul is ready to let go. When the death angel’s task is complete, the death angel gives way to other sorts of angels that work with the soul after death.

At this time we are going to focus on Guardian Angels, but not in the usual sense of the word. Rather, we wish to speak about guardian angels that work within the homes of human beings. For the most part, guardian angels in general, no matter what they are “guarding”, have similarities in the work they do as well as in the “form” or body they possess. Guardian angels have to adapt – and adaptation is one of their greatest powers. For example, a guardian angel that is work with the plant kingdom must be able to adapt to the specific plant they are guarding, and take their place as the “essence” or “spirit” of that plant. Angels that work with animals or minerals must do the same. These angels will put themselves in the same state of consciousness of whatever lifeform they are guarding. This is also true of guardians that work with human beings. A guardian angel that is working with an individual human attaches itself to the magnetic field or aura of the individual who they have volunteered – notice our choice of words – to serve in the capacity of being a guardian. Angels volunteer to work with the various lifeforms for the purpose of fulfilling their karmic responsibility to the universe in helping to sustain life, and to assure the continued existence of their own kind of angelic being. There are angels who serve as guardians of an entire nation or city. There are also those that serve in the capacity in serving a group or organization, particularly if that group or organization exists to be of benefit the whole of humanity. An example of this is the Red Cross. There are several hundreds of guardian angels that work with this organization because it is a worldwide organization and needs these numbers. Thus, there is one we will call the Red Cross Guardian, which is an archangelic being (the most highly evolved of the angels) that embodies the collective guardian angel spirit. Each Red Cross group has an individual guardian angel that works with their specific group that is an “offspring”, so to speak, of the collective Guardian Angelic Spirit.

We want to speak about the word “guardian.” This word can be a bit confusing as the word suggests “protection.”
It suggests that a guardian angel will not allow harm to come to the individual, group, or organization that that angel has in its charge. Well, we say this is misleading for the reason that a guardian angel, regardless of what its charge might be, can and never will interfere with the individual, group, or organization in its charge. Therefore, if the guardian angel feels the need to plant a thought into your mind, it does so telepathically. The seed may tell you that you are in some kind of danger, so you might feel an overwhelming sense of pending danger. You might not know why or what you are feeling apprehensive about, specifically, but you have the feeling nonetheless. Honoring the feeling by giving recognition and credence to your feeling allows the guardian angel to go a step further and reveal perhaps a little more about what you should be apprehensive about. Again, this is done telepathically and very often it is done with words that seem to you to come from your inner voice, or you may actually “see” images of what is to come. Most of the time the danger is revealed simply through you having very strong feelings, however. But there are times when “words” and “images” are necessary.

A Guardian Angel for the home is of course comes under the general heading of a guardian angel, though they do not work with individual human beings. They work with the dwelling place of a human being. When a person moves into a house, no matter what kind of house it may be – apartment, condominium, mobile home – the vibration of the person or persons that have moved into that place, the energy of that person or persons will “saturate” the inside of that domain. On the other hand, it takes longer for the energy of the person or persons living in the house to saturate the outside – the land – in the home’s immediate environment. As time goes on and the person(s) living on the land and display stewardship of the land such as gardening and/or landscaping, their energy will penetrate into the aura of the land.

If you wish to attract a guardian angel for the inside of your home, there is a simple process you can follow. It does not matter how long you have lived where you are currently living, it is never too late to invoke a guardian for the home. Many of you, if not all of you, are familiar with having an altar in your home. Some of you may have several, each serving its own purpose. This is a good thing for one can never have too many altars, you see. When you wish to invoke the presence of a house guardian angel, the first step is to choose a place within the home where you wish to place an altar for the guardian being. It does not have to be an elaborate altar unless you wish it to be. In fact, when it comes to sacred spaces and objects, elaborate, decorative images and symbols and gold leaf and other sorts of embellishes are not necessarily appropriate. This has concerned I, Albion, for a long time. You go into some temples and churches, both in ancient and modern times, you see elaborate décor ranging from jewels embedded in the chalices, gold crosses, and all sorts of expensive décor. This can be quite distracting in terms of the state of mind a person should be in when entering into a place of worship. Even though it may be beautiful to the eyes, when you enter such an elaborate temple or church, then if and when you enter into a natural ceremonial site or a church that is quaint and simple, then you may not equate the latter with being a sacred place, or not as sacred as what you are use to and have come to expect. So, the bottom line of what we are saying is that your angel altar can and should be as simple as you can make it because the simplicity will not take your or anyone else’s attention that lives in the home. It does not take elaborate décor to attract an angelic being of any kind. Fairies and nature spirits are another thing, however. They like the gold and silver and sparkly things, you see. But angels and fairies are two different types of beings, and angels like simplicity.

When you are choosing a place it can be made of anything such as wood or glass are acceptable. The altar can be in any room of your home and can
face any direction. If you are fortunate enough to have a room within which you do your meditation and ceremonies, then we suggest that this is a wonderful place to put your angel altar. Just do not use anything that is synthetic such as plastic. The reason for this is that synthetic materials are like sponges and tend to soak up the energy more quickly than the energy can replace or rejuvenate itself. Once you have chosen the right place, you will need to gather three things that you will place on the altar. These are an incense burner, a candle, and an effigy of an angel. Now let us speak about these one at a time.

The first of these is selecting an incense burner. Although there are many different types of incense that have all sorts of fragrances and shapes, and many different kinds of incense burners, we suggest that you select an incense burner be what is known as a thurible. A thurible is an incense burner that has three legs and usually a lid. We suggest a thurible because not only is it traditional with many of the eastern and earth-based religions, but also because it will accommodate any form of incense you might choose. The thurible may have a tiny hole in its lid where you can place a stick of incense, or you can fill the bowl of the thurible with clean sand or fine pieces of rock so that you can put a stick down in it, or place a piece of charcoal on top of the sand so it will accommodate a cone or powdered incense. Thuribles are usually easy to come by.

There are many different kinds of incense that have an appeal to the angels. As a rule, those are very sweet, floral fragrances. However, we suggest that you use only one fragrance for the purpose of attracting a guardian angel for your home, that being patchouli. Again, the incense can be in any form you so choose…stick, powdered, cone, etc.

When it comes to the candle, we prefer that you use a candle that will burn for five to seven days. These are found enclosed in a thick glass container. You can also use tapers or even votives if you wish. If you choose to use a votive candle, they will usually burn for five to seven hours. If this is the kind of candle you wish to use, we ask that it have no scent and no color other than white or clear wax. You might choose a glass or brass container for your votive. If it is a votive you are going to use, then once in a twenty-four hour period – day or night – go to the altar and light the candle. As you do, aloud or silently, reaffirm that this light is to symbolize and to nourish the light within the home. This light is to serve to attract a guardian angel and to have the angel remain in the home. When the candle has burned out, then replace it and repeat the ritual once every 24 hours. At the same time, it would be appropriate to light your incense. If the candle or the incense goes out, simply light it again. When the incense and candle have depleted themselves, do not toss the ashes in the trash. Rather, sprinkle them on the ground as an offering to Mother Earth. If you are using a five to seven day candle, do not blow out and relight it, but let it burn all the time. When it has burned itself out, scrape out any leftover wax and give it as an offering. Try to use the glass the candle came in for some purpose, but if you cannot, then you must discard it.

Next, we ask that you find a statue or effigy of an angel. It is usually easy to do so, especially during the holiday season. If you have a statue or effigy that has been used for nothing else, then by all means feel free to use it. But if you do not have one, then we suggest that you go out on a journey, and that you make it a journey specifically and only to find an angel for your altar. We see this as a sacred journey, you see. Before you depart, put out the thought that you are in search of an effigy of an angel, and that you are drawn to one that is right for you. You may have to go to more than one shop, but you should not have to make more than one journey. If you do, then so be it.

The next step is to take your three objects and put them on the place you have chosen for the altar. Let them stay there unused for three days and three nights. At some time during the three days and nights, we ask that you go up to the objects, ask a blessing upon them, and explain to them what they are going to be used for. This will help you to also fix the purpose you are pursuing firmly in your own mind. You will also have, in essence, blessed the objects for that purpose. You may wish to sprinkle a bit of water on the objects for a blessing and cleansing, or pass them quickly through a candle flame for the same reason. Any prayer you wish to utter at the time is perfectly acceptable.

When the three days and nights are finished, it is time to set up the altar. First, place a good supply of the incense on the altar. Next, put the thurible and the candle (and the container for the candle) on the altar. We might add at this point that when lighting the incense and the candle, we ask that you use wooden matches instead of a plastic or metal cigarette lighter. Then place the statue of the angel on the altar.

The statue or effigy simply provides a “space” or “body” within which the guardian angel of the home can reside. Yes, the energy of the angel will dwell inside the angelic effigy you have placed on the altar. Sometimes there will be physical evidence that the angel has indeed arrived. It is hard to predict precisely what the sign will be, however. Perhaps the statue has turned to face another direction. But, remember, there will not necessarily be such evidence that will appear, other than you having a clear, strong, intuitive feeling that you have.

Once you feel that the angel has arrived, you will then want to begin the daily routine of lighting the candle and incense, and asking that the angel be with you and let you know of danger or peril approaching your home. Again, remember to give the droppings of your candle and incense as an offering to the Earth Mother. *

What you must do is that every day, for but a few moments, stand in front of the altar, light the candle and incense, and give thanks for its presence. In the beginning, you may want to ask the angel if it wishes to be called by a specific name. If so, what name? Listen for your answer inwardly. Over a period of two to three weeks, there is no reason that any person will fail to attract a guardian angel into your home. An angel’s presence is easy to feel, and if there is danger of any kind, the angel will telepathically let you know. All you have to do is listen.

Now let’s turn our thoughts to the space outside your home. Even if you do not own the property you live on by deed, then remember that you do owe the land a debt of stewardship. The angel that guards the inside and structure of the house is not the same one that will guard the perimeters of the land. In fact, we do not think that land guardians are angels, but more like earth spirits such as gnomes, elves, brownies, or even a troll. Even though a troll may not be the most beautiful of the natural creatures, its power should not be underestimated.

To attract a guardian for your land, first get four ordinary dowels that are about twelve inches in length. If you choose to do so, we ask you to consider staining the dowels with a dark wood stain. Then, with white paint, paint symbols of the four elements on the dowels. To the top of each of the four dowels, one for each of the four directions, we ask that you tie a small sliver of pure cotton material, making what is generally referred to as a prayer flag. Because we are aware that different cultures and tribes designate certain colors to each of the four directions, so you can choose whatever colors for each that you wish. If we were to make the decision regarding the colors, we would choose to use gold or yellow for the east, green for the south, indigo or black for the west, and white for the north.

Next, on the day or night of a new moon, take the four prayer flags, beginning in the east, and stick them into the ground so that at least half of their length is above ground. As you do this, in each direction you should honor the Spirit Keeper of that direction. Again, we recognize that you may know these spirits by various and different names. Feel free to use whatever names you have been taught or that you choose. When you have honored the Four Directions, then place the prayer flag for each direction in the ground, and then ask that the Spirits of the Four Directions come and guard the perimeters of your land. If you are in the right frame of mind and heart, you are likely to see, clairvoyantly, what the land guardian looks like because the energy of the Spirits of the Four Directions will merge into one form. Our Instrument has been aware of an image of an old Indian woman on the land around her home. Yours may take the form of one of the earth spirits. The prayer flags should be left alone to do their job. At any time you get a feeling that there is something or someone on your land that should not be there, pay attention. Ask that you be guided to the place where the threat exists, or if you are told where the threat exists and what its nature consists of, and then ask what can and should be done about it. Sometimes smudging the land is good, or cleansing it in some other way. Sometimes land can become so contaminated, particularly in modern developments that are built on an Indian burial ground; for example, it can take stronger methods to cleanse the land. Sprinkling salt around the perimeters of the land is one way. Garlic is also a good cure, as is purified water. You must trust that you will be guided and told what to do.

When we come together again we are going to turn our thoughts in a different direction and discuss the energy of the planet Pluto, as this planetary body holds specific relevance to the times you are going through now. God bless yourselves.

* (Albion says that incense residue can be harmful to animals and should not be placed near a bird feeder or where animals can eat it. Animals are often attracted to the fragrance and will try to lap it up. You might want to make a little trench with your finger and bury your offering in the ground. This would be a good thing.)

(c) Copyright Page Bryant, 2011.  All Rights Reserved.

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